Bring Home the Bacon!

About Bacon Hut

Bacon Hut is the spawn of an idea - an idea from the passion of food and the love of bacon.

Early in life, Stuart Roskelley had a dream of owning a restaurant. This dream went through multiple phases, ideas, and food experiments. However, none seemed to stick. Then, one day early 2015, he had the simple thought: "Why not keep it simple and make something everyone loves?" Thus Bacon Hut began to develop.

The ideas of bacon are endless, but what became truly unique was the mixture of bacon with unique sauces and spices to enhance the already delicious bacon goodness. Bacon Hut now specializes in making simple foods all with the awesome flavor of bacon!

We have two main goals in mind. First, we want everyone to experience the joy of bacon. People have had bacon, but it's always so...regular. We want them to experience something different, something new, and something completely delicious. Second, our goal is to grow enough to become a full-fledged fast food restaurant. We are starting out as a food tent vendor at various fairs and events, but hope to grow enough in popularity where we can become a brick-and-mortar fast food delight.

We need your support and your love of bacon to achieve our goals! Please share our cause with everyone, especially through social media via the links below! For those of you that would like to support us through other means (e.g. hire us or donate), please reach us through our contact form.